Yes, We Have
Contributions of American-Armenians to the United States of America

(ISBN: 978-0-615-30247-8)
2009 Glendale
144 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

Throughout their some 6,000-year history, Armenians have made lasting contributions to world civilization. With innovations in science, technology and industry powerful works of art and literature, and generous acts of humanitarian outreach, Armenians have often gone beyond the local and tribal, to make a difference for all of humanity. The present compilation is a celebration of contributions made by American-Armenians to the United States of America. Far from presenting a comprehensive list of such contributions, Yes, We Have instead is intended as an introduction to the subject. The Armenian Arts Fund plans to publish a vastly expanded edition in the future, in an effort to share American-Armenian contributions to American life with numerous additional entries, extensive biographies, articles, and photographs.

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