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We specialize in Armenian books, music, videos, cards, posters, and gifts.  We also offer publishing and printing services.  Please contact us for more information.  

For 43 years now, we have been the number one source for Armenian books and merchandise in the Diaspora.  

Long before Abril Books Online, before Abril Bookstore and Abril Printing, there was a magazine titled "Abril," with a symbol of the pomegranate tree next to it.  This is when the coining of this pair was born.  It was chosen for a couple of different factors.   Symbolically, the pomegranate has numerous connotations within the Armenian culture.  It means life and birth.  "Abril"  in Armenian means "to live."  It also means the month of April, which holds many important holidays and memorials for the Armenians, including Easter, Sourp Haroutioun (Holy Resurrection) and the Armenian Genocide.  Abril was also established in the month of April.

    The title, "Abril,"  first appeared in 1977 with the first publication of the first Armenian language magazine in Los Angeles named, "Abril."  Starting out at a small office in a Hollywood building, the publishers toiled to bring this wonderful idea into fruition.  It was a huge success.  This is during the times when the Armenian community had just began to form in and around Hollywood, with Santa Monica and Hollywood Boulevard being the main hotspots of cultural activity.  Abril Magazine was the first magazine within the community to discuss local issues and exposing the numerous talented individuals we held in high regards, all the way to bringing to attention the political, cultural, and economic activities occurring in Armenia and Lebanon.  The community was so small in those days that helping each other out was inevitable, which has been one of the most important aspects of our people in keeping our culture together throughout the centuries.  The advertisements reflect this characteristic.

    In 1978, the publishers reasoned that it would be more worthwile to print the magazine themselves rather than at outside presses.  So they bought a couple of printing presses and hired a printer.  And thus, Abril Printing developed.  Not only did they print their own magazine, but they began to offer printing services to everyone else.  This was located at the edge of the proposed "Little Armenia"  at the intersection of Santa Monica and Oxford by Western.  As the business flourished, they decided to begin another business which would again be the first of its kind.  The office space next door opened and they seized the opportunity to open Abril Bookstore in 1979 connected to their printing facilities.  Hence began one of the most important centers of Armenian literature and culture awareness.  This followed the massive influx of Armenians in the 80's which was a tremendous help to the business.  

    Abril Bookstore, Printing, and Publishing remained in that location for a little more than twenty years.  By 1998, the area and demographics had changed quite a bit.  The new center of Armenia became Glendale.  Most Armenians moved out of the Hollywood area.  It was time for change.  In the summer of 1998, Abril Bookstore moved to the heart of Glendale, on the intersection of Broadway and Jackson to a much spacious and newer building.