Acknowledgment and Condemnation
The Trials of Young Turks in 1919-1921 and 1926

(ISBN: 978-9953-0-4317-3)
(ISBN: 978-9953-0-4316-6)
2017 Antilias
237 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

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Ara Caprielian (Translator)

The various trials held in different areas pertaining to the planned annihilation of Armenians in all its details are presented in this valuable study, based on scholarly analyses of archival materials, disclosures appearing in the Ottoman, as well as other countries' press of the period, testimonies of witnesses, official announcements, stenographic records of the trials, memoirs and various studies. Comparing the 1919-21 with the 1926 trials, the author show the link between the two, which included the accusations for dragging the country into war and for wartime profiteering, while omitting charges for the annihilation of Christian minorities. The important, substantiated conclusion of the author is that today's Turkey is also an Ittihatist state; its political traditions, ideology, the adopted political cause in all is a continuation of the policy and modus operandi of the CUP. As long as the spirit of the Young Turks persists, it is hard to imagine any positive developments toward change in the Turkish denial of the Genocide, or in facing issues from is own past.

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