100 Years, 100 Stories

(Number: BHM0038)
2009 Buenos Aires
342 pages
Size: 6 3/4" x 9 1/2"
Language(s): English

Additional Artists

Aris Sevag (Translator)

The purpose of this work is to put at the reader's disposal a volume that contains a concise collection of the principal events in Armenian life during the 20th century. This book, which is published in Armenian, Spanish and English, is intended for those readers, who wish to get a rough idea about the important, sometimes critical episodes, or a single episode, of Armenian history in the century just ended. The book can be especially useful to Armenians who don't know Armenian and do not possess detailed information about the Armenians' recent past, as well as non-Armenian readers. In the centuries-old chain of Armenian history, the 20th century constitutes a turning-point period, during which events having grave historical significance took place in the life of the Armenian people, such as the Genocide, the creation of independent statehood (twice), the formation of the post-Genocide Diaspora, the 70-year existence of Soviet Armenia, the displacement of the Armenians (repatriation, emigration), etc. The book presents a 100 episodes from this rich, turbulent, stormy and bloody era, and have endeavored to present them in an objective manner and, as much as possible, with exhaustive historical data, while leaving subjective judgments to the reader. The reader can gain a full idea about an individual event of interest to him/her, and, at the same time, obtain a general understanding of the political, evolutionary, cultural, social and other aspects of 20th-century Armenian life, through reading the book in its entirety. This book can be useful to teachers of Armenian language and history, as auxiliary material to the subjects taught by them; pupils in the upper grades of Armenian schools, as well as all those, who wish to have immediate and concise information about the individual events that affected Armenian life in the 20th century. This book is not history per se, rather a review of the past hundred years' history, which we hope will serve its purpose: the refreshment of memories.

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