Western-Armenian Women of Letters 2024 Calendar
A 2024 Illustrated Calendar of Portraits and Words on Writing

Արևմտահայ Գրագէտներ
2024-ի օրացոյց՝ դիմանկարներով եւ գրելու մասին խոհերով

Arpi Krikorian (Illustrator) Արփի Գրիգորեան (Նկարազարդող)
(Number: GCA0031)

Language(s): English, Western Armenian

Additional Artists

This calendar is the initial launch of a larger project dedicated to writers of Western Armenian. The women featured in this calendar have, for centuries, played an active role in the development of the Armenian language and its literary textures. These same women have not seen the acclaim they deserve for their contribution to global literature and the Armenian community. For the most part, they have disappeared from our memory, from the criticism of intellectuals, from anthologies, from schools and their textbooks, and from the attention of cultural centers.

We wanted to celebrate the New Year by acknowledging the work of these women and their contemporaries, by making them and their penned words visible to us all. Some of them may even be introduced to you for the first time here. Each month of 2024 features such a writer of Western Armenian and an excerpt from their writing around this artistic craft. We hope to chronicle their names and their words with this calendar, so they—alongside those women whose names and words have been lost—will forever remain in our hearts and our memories.

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