Vahe Berberian (Author, Performer)
(Number: VCO0005)
Wet Paint (Producer)
Language(s): Western Armenian

Additional Artists

Betty Berberian (Producer, Director) Sevag Vrej (Producer, Director)

Another raucously funny monologue covering a variety of subjects, including such topics as life after 40, the Armenian condition in the Diaspora, and Vahé's experience of visiting Armenia for the first time. The piece was performed to packed venues in over a dozen cities throughout the world. Vahé performed Nayev for over three months at Rococo in Pasadena, California. A performance of this piece was recorded live on video in July, 2002. According to Vahé, "Nayev is, in many ways, the continuation of his earlier monologue, Yevaylen. He explains, "Nayev includes even more stories about my family, along with meditations on being an Armenian in the diaspora. It also contains reflections and impressions of my trips to Armenia." According to one of the producers of the show, Betty Berberian, "We produced the video for those who missed the performances, as well as for those who couldn't get enough."

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