Vahe Berberian

Vahe Berberian, with his long, soft-gray, braided hair and strong, angular features immediately attracts attention. But, it is his personality and his work that captures peoples’ hearts. Vahé Berberian is an Armenian painter, author, playwright and actor. Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1955 and relocated to Los Angeles in 1976. Vahé has studied art in both Lebanon and the United States, receiving a degree in journalism with honors in 1980. Vahé has participated in more than 30 individual and group exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Berberian has always painted as a complement to writing and acting, never able to forfeit one form of art for another. “Theatre is conditional on what others do, and its temporality is limiting, whereas painting is personal, direct and does not need a mediator. However, each form feeds on the other, pushing its influence into the world of the other.” Vahe Berberian’s literal work includes the novels, “Hanoun Hor Yev Vortvo” and “Namagner Zaataren” and the plays, “Pink Elephant” and the recently staged, “Baron Garbis.”
Roles: Director, Author, Producer, Artist, Performer