A Play in Armenian

Vahe Berberian (Producer, Author, Director)
(Number: VDR0042)
Wet Paint (Producer)
Language(s): Western Armenian
Color / 95 min.

Additional Artists

A powerful and gripping story of a family torn apart. In this moving play set in current day Los Angeles, the central characters are a married couple, Haig and Sona, whose relationship has reached an impasse. Going back and forth in time, the play juxtaposes the past, a family on the brink of a break down, with the present, where Haig lies in coma. Gathered around Haig’s comatose body are his wife, their two daughters and his mother. As the story unfolds we watch the members of the family deal with the circumstances with a plethora of emotions. Often resorting to humor they each cope with the situation in their own way. Once more, the playwright offers a work where tragedy and comedy meet at a fragile crossroad, bringing us another look at what it means to be human.

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