One Hundred Years of Denial

(ISBN: 978-1-4949-6398-9)
2014 Commerce Twp.
189 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF DENIAL is a narrative concerning the Armenian Genocide and about all the details of what occurred and has since happened. Turkey has been in denial role for the last century and continues her culpable process today. The text describes how Ottoman Turkey at the onset of World War I initiated her evil plan of Armenian annihilation during the hostilities and sustained it well into 1923. What factors brought out this premeditated horrible crime against humanity and how it developed into the death of one and half million innocent souls is recounted in horrifying detail. The narrations persist what happened after the war and what developments have since occurred. The book provides the account of how the small nation of Armenia aided the Allies during the war, and how she was betrayed by the great powers. What has been the outcome of all the turmoil that is occurring today and how the Armenians in diaspora have blended in with host countries while still assisting the Republic of Armenia is reviewed with extraordinary exploration. Present day Armenia and Karabagh are described and how they are related to Turkey, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. The book provides an incredible account of how Turkey still continues her denial even after all the evidence and world opinion has declared the truth.

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