George Mouradian

George Mouradian by profession is an engineer, yet also a history enthusiast. He is an American born Armenian who has researched Armenian history since his high school days, taught and was principal of Armenian Sunday School classes, lectured on Armenian subjects, and has been very active in the Armenian Engineering and Quality Management at the American University of Armenian in Yerevan, Armenia. He has traveled in and written on Historic Armenia. He retired from the active work force, but is currently assisting various organizations in the field of quality and reliability engineering. His principle aim in the engineering consulting area is to have companies make more reliable and superior quality products, and to provide better service. His principle aim in Armenianism is to encourage Armenian youth to learn more about their heritage, history, and culture, and to be active in Armenian affairs. He wrote Your Journey Into Armenia because he felt Armenian youth needed a book that relates to their history and culture. He included many illustrations that connect with Armenia's history in order that students also get a picture of what the narrations are about. Two of his previous books, Armenian InfoText and NEVER TO DIE, also covered history to a large extent.
Roles: Author, Translator