Hakob Ekizyan

(Number: BAB0116)
Printinfo (Publisher)
2011 Yerevan
56 pages
Size: 7 3/4" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Russian

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YAKOV EKIZLER (Hakob Ekizian), 1873-1930, is the first great donor of the State Museum of Fine Arts of Armenia. Nevertheless, his name has remained unknown for many years. His father Diran, the descendant of a well known Armenian family of Smyrna, emigrated from Smyrna to Moscow in the 19th century. His son Hakob studied at the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and graduated as architect and painter. He mastered several languages and was also a collector. In 1915 he went to Van with the Russian army in order to help his nation. During the 1920-es he worked in Yerevan and built a hospital there. He painted his aquarelles in the regions and towns where he was being cured: in the Crimea, Essentuki, Biarritz. In 1926 he made a donation of around thirty paintings, including works by Ayvazovski, Sureniants, Chabanian, Shchedrine, Makovski and Polenov among many others, to his motherland.

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