Fifty Years of Armenian Literature in France

(ISBN: 978-0-912201-51-1)
2016 Fresno
580 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

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Krikor Beledian's Fifty Years of Armenian Literature in France is a valuable addition to the growing number of critical studies of Armenian literature produced in the Diaspora. It provides a theoretical foundation for understanding the intellectual, emotional, and existential challenges faced by Armenian authors in France.

The authors discussed in Fifty Years of Armenian Literature in France wrote in Western Armenian, a legacy of the Armenians who escaped the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Why they chose to write in Armenian, and not in the language of their newly adopted country, is one of the fundamental questions examined. The Armenian language was a vehicle for their own self-reflection on questions of identity and also a means to express their worldview. Beledian delves into the interaction between the authors and the society where they lived and how that relationship was ultimately reflected in the works produced.

Comparable works of literary history on other Diasporan Armenian communities such as those of the United States and the Middle East will ultimately broaden our understanding of how authors see both themselves and the communities that they live in.

Krikor Beledian has produced a comprehensive and fascinating view of the Armenian literary landscape in France, one that will be of lasting significance to the study of Armenian literature. This volume will provide a wealth of material useful to both scholars and to the reading public.

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