Balui (yev Taratsashrjani) Yerazhshtakan Azgagrakan Havakatso
An Ethno-Musicological Collection of Palou and its Neighboring Areas

Բալուի (եւ տարածաշրջանի) երաժշտական ազգագրական հաւաքածոյ

(ISBN: 978-0-9842573-0-0)
Drazark Publishing (Publisher) Դրազարկ (Հրատարակչութիւն)
2009 Glendale
446 pages
Size: 7" x 10"
Language(s): Western Armenian

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Includes 2 compact discs. The book is divided into three parts: - Part I is a collection of six articles: "Introduction to the Palou wedding song cycle," "Contents of monographs devoted to Palou," "Palou and the Paloutsee" (Includes a 1913 map of Palou), "An attempt to recreate the Palou wedding song cycle," "Singer Maro Nalbandian," and "The various stages of collecting Palou and related songs." A final section to this first part presents a fairly large compilation of ethnographic song texts, which are appended in the alphabetical order of their towns - more than 30 villages and cities, from Akn to Qghi. - Part II offers a textual and musicological study of the seventy-two songs in the collection. Each song is laid out with its notes and lyrics and given a brief and accessible analysis. - Part III contains various lists and catalogues: 1. Dictionary for words of rural dialects, 2. Bibliography, 3. List of variations within the different songs, 4. List of locations from where they have been collected, 5. Song list of the CD's contents, and 6. Song titles in order of their genres. This section further includes an annotation concerning the CDs, as well as a biography of the author, The two compact discs that come with the book display song and melody selections with no instrumental accompaniment with recordings of seventy- two songs relating to Palou and neighboring areas (Moush, Sassoun, Tigranakert etc.) explored in the study. The recordings preserve the basic, crude and monodic state of the songs, which serve as ethnographic kindling and musical testimony of the undertaken work. The volume's final offering is a series of photos and illustrations relating to Palou.

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