Armenian A Cappella Trio

Zulal (Performer)
(Number: MFV0065)

Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. Sari Siroon Yar (Sweetheart of the Mountains) 2:45
2. Im Khorodig Yar (My Sweet Beloved) 2:47
3. Keler Tsoler (Walking, Glistening) 3:24
4. Gakav Tuhrav (The Partridge Took Flight) 1:57
5, Sareri Hovin Mernem (I'd Die for the Mountain Wind) 4:06
6. Vijag (Fortune) 1:54
7. Bingyol (Village of 1,001 Springs) 2:58
8. Ghapama (A Squash Dish) 2:37
9. Es Kisher (This Night) 2:38
10. Hars Em Gnoom (I'm Going as a Bride) 2:46
11. Zinch oo Zinch Dam (What Oh What Should I Give?) 2:16
12 Orrorotsayin (Ari Im Sokhag) (Lullaby Come Hither, Nightingale) 3:01

"This is one of the most beautiful recordings of Armenian folk music I have ever heard. Passionate, playful, and deeply emotional, I found it haunting." -Atom Egoyan, Award-winning Director, International Filmmaker, Writer, Producer

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