Young Man in the Gray Suit, The

(ISBN: 978-1-56656-907-1)
Interlink (Publisher)
2013 Northhampton
249 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

The long-awaited sequel to Hacikyan’s international bestseller A Summer without Dawn It is the mid-1950s, four decades after the Armenian genocide. Nour Kardam, an affluent young Turkish lawyer, gets news of his father’s sudden death and soon uncovers secrets from his family’s past—his father’s involvement in the genocide, a corrupt tobacco empire, and an Armenian mother he does not remember. Caught in the entanglements of family, history, and politics, Nour travels to New York, where his attempts to find his mother and protect his father’s legacy lead him to rethink love, loyalty, and wrongdoing. In this evocative sequel to A Summer without Dawn, Agop Hacikyan imagines the rebuilding of lives in the Armenian diaspora and the possibility of reconciliation in the face of communal trauma.

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