Yev O Phe

Element Band (Performer)

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(Number: MMF0026)
Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Additional Artists

Ara Dabandjian (Producer, Performer)

Track Listings

1. Ov Tu Keghetseeg
2. Anoush Hayrenik
3. Sareri Hovin Mernem
4. Ailoughs
5. Yar Ko Parag Boyin Mernem
6. Hars Em Gnoom
7. Mekhagner
8. Ayn Kisher
9. Mardigi Yerke
10. Noubar, Noubar
11. Hars Em Gnoom (Instrumental)
12. Noune
During the Middle Ages, as a result of greater and more enduring contact between Armenia and the West, the 36-letter Armenian alphabet incorporated two additional letters, *o* and *phe*, to better reproduce the sounds of European tongues, while remaining utterly Armenian. As a result, the modern Armenian alphabet can almost perfectly replicate the pronunciations of various languages. So it is ELEMENT's Armenian compositions that incorporate the sounds of Europe and the Mediterranean, while remaining free to be uniquely Armenian.

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