Children's Songs in Armenian

Hoy Lari (Performer, Composer)
(Number: VCH0027)
Language(s): Western Armenian

Kids of all ages will sing along and dance with Hoy Lari in this fun-filled, colorful, interactive, and educational video. Hoy Lari's music encourages children to sing in Armenian and develop the Armenian language, while stimulating their imagination, cognition, and self expression. Come along and let's go on an imaginary journey together! Special Feature: Sing Along Karaoke - Jamanagn Eh - 5 Gabeegner - Bar Meh - 7 Pateegner - Yeghneeg - Gentanapanagan Bardez - Darper Kooyner - Peegheh - Tsegneegner - Lari Doobi - Yete - Tserk yev Vodk - Yerevagayenk - Temk - Karanank

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