Winter Time

(ISBN: 979-884-6331-228)
2022 Simi Valley
306 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

A Timeless Love Story For Young Romantics

Victoria Evans is the kind of teenager who never gets grounded, yet she has secrets she can’t share with anybody. That is, until she meets handsome William Winter.

Sixteen-year-old Victoria Evans enjoys parties and a posh lifestyle while silently enduring the verbal and emotional abuse of bullies at St. Paul’s private school in Magnolia Springs, California. She finds solace in daydreaming about happy romance, deep green forests, black-and-white movies, and her family.
Victoria feels helpless by the time she convinces her friends to go together on a winter forest trip and also a little annoyed with the unexpected guest joining them, William Winter from England.

But as the trip progresses and the teenagers enjoy their luxury vacation rental and having fun in the snow, Victoria finds out that William has more in common with her than she expected, including the love for snowy, mysterious forests. Is William Winter the answer to her romantic dreams and a way out of her secret life?

Winter Time is the first book in the contemporary YA romance series, Winter Saga, which features heartfelt storytelling, surprising plot twists, humor, intriguing characters, and a super-duper female protagonist. The novel will capture your heart, thoughts, and emotions. It’s simply the perfect book to curl up with on a chilly winter night.

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