We Sing Armenian Church Songs
Badarak Hymns for Children

(Number: MCH0055)
HYEfamily (Producer)
2014 New Jersey
Language(s): English, Classical Armenian

Track Listings

1. Hamenaynee
2. Soorp, Soorp
3. Hayr Mer
4. Marmeen Deroonagan
5. Kreesdos Ee Mech
6. Amen Yegheetsee
7. Ohrnetseets Uz Der
8. In All Things O Lord
9. Holy, Holy
10. Our Father
11. The Body of The Lord
12. Christ in Our Midst
13. Blessed Be
14. I Will Praise The Lord

Includes songs in Krapar (Classical Armenian) and in English along with booklet with the songs inside.

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