Vahan Cardashian
Advocate Extraordinaire for the Armenian Cause

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(ISBN: 0-9777153-3-7)
2008 Glendale
353 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

The new book “Vahan Cardashian: Advocate Extraordinaire for the Armenian Cause,” compiled by Attorney Vartkes Yeghiayan, offers the discriminating reader an eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience. This work finally reveals America's role in the Armenian Genocide. It also exposes America’s ultimate calculated betrayal of the Armenian Cause. Attorney Vahan Cardashian (1883-1934) was a Classical Hero who came out of nowhere, engaged in a Sisyphean struggle against the most powerful forces in human affairs, and paid the ultimate price by dying young from a broken political heart. His cause in life was the Armenian Cause, a Cause that America championed only to discard it soon after for economic self-interests. For three decades from 1908 until his death in 1934, American Citizen and Armenian Patriot Vahan Cardashian grappled with the most vital values and issues in the history of humankind. The book discloses that nine months before the Armenian Genocide began on April 1915, the New York-based attorney sounded the following warning in a letter to then U.S. Secretary of War the Honorable Lindley M. Garrison: “I have information, bearing on the program of the Turkish Government, to be put into operation in the event of Turkey’s being involved in the European War with reference to all the native and foreign Christians in Turkey . . . Unless some powerful restraining forces are brought into play from without, you can rest assured that the Turk, with the opportunity for untrammeled action, such as he now believes to enjoy, will perpetrate upon helpless humanity the most ghastly horrors of his entire loathsome career.” Cardashian's clarion call, however, was dismissed outright. And the rest is tragic history.

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