Triumph and Glory
Armenian World War II Heroes

(ISBN: 0-9622945-1-9)
1996 Moraga
460 pages
Size: 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Language(s): English

Once again the acrid smell of war and the attending savagery cast its cloud over our world as it had so often before. This time the combined axis powers were bent on world domination and furtherance of the ""master race"", threatening mankind. As had happened so often in the past, countless decent people answered the call to arms. Among them were those of Armenian ancestry whose heritage had witnessed this horror repeat itself over and over for more than two thousand years. Wherever they lived, they rose in defense of freedom. Richard Demirjian, in this his second book, relates in great detail the heroism, fortitude and spirit of yet another generation of those of Armenian descent. His anthology will take the reader to each major area of the conflict. You will be alongside and share the actual experience of each participant. You will understand the Bataan death march, the war in the air, on the sea and at ground level. You will experience the meaning of being a prisoner of war, of attending our wounded, of firing in anger. The reader will swell with pride and emotion as the thoroughly researched events unfold. The foreward by Colonel Barry Zorthian, United States Marine Corps Reserve, retired, is a magnificent prelude to the stories within. May the character and integrity of the Armenian people endure. Demirjian's new book is again a labor of love and respect. He has compiled an accounting of Armenians who served in World War II, describing their heroism, trials and tribulations. This book is representative, for it cannot possibly account for all those who served. His work is an inspiring revelation of remarkable achievements by men and women who served in the most trying of times.

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