Tigran Petrosian in Pictures, Attacks, Aphorisms

(ISBN: 99941-913-2-2)
2004 Yerevan
144 pages
Size: 5 3/4" x 8"
Language(s): English

This book is dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of the genius Armenian chess player. FIDE has officially announced the year of 2004 as "The Year of Tigran Petrosian" in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the birth of the 9th World Champion.
The first part of the book consists of 111 pictures, which the author has collected over decades, depictmg the life of Tigran Petrosian from his childhood through his final days.
In the next part the creative genius of the chess king is represented in 222 beautiful attacks and sacrifices, accompanied by detailed statistics of Petrosian's performances in match and tournament play.
The collection is supplemented with subtle and profound chess aphorisms of Petrosian and reflections and opinions of prominent grandmasters and contemporaries characterizing the 9th World Champion.

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