Seeroon Yeretzian

Seeroon Yeretzian (Author, Artist)
(ISBN: 0-9796842-9-3)
Abril Publishing (Publisher)
2011 Glendale
200 pages
Size: 10" x 13"
Language(s): English

We would like to celebrate Seeroon’s 60th year with the publication of this book, which presents more than half of those years as a distinguished artist in our community and beyond. Seeroon Yeretzian's art is known not only for its rich Armenian flavor, but also because of its universal appeal. Seeroon’s art is heavily influenced by her upbringing as a Lebanese-Armenian-American, presenting themes of war, genocide, identity, and survival. Also, being a female artist in the Armenian community, which is a rarity in itself, has fostered in her art issues pertaining to role of women in society. Lastly, spending her mature years as an artist in a postmodern city like Los Angeles, where she also received her professional education, has exposed her to a world of diverse ethnic origins and social strata which are reflected in her art both physically and thematically.

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