Secret of Mixing Colors from Angel Liana, The

(ISBN: 978-0-9969741-0-3)
Hardcover (Signed)
(ISBN: 978-0-9969741-0-3)
Lico Publishing (Publisher)
2016 Los Angeles
98 pages
Size: 10 1/4" x 10 1/4"
Language(s): English

THE SECRET OF MIXING COLORS FROM ANGEL LIANA teaches color and painting by taking the reader through a fantastical underwater world. By combining a fairy tale spiritual journey narrative with tips on how to paint, the author explores the art of mixing colors along with a wide variety of other art techniques that offer children an accessible way to learn how to make art. 

The book is composed of four different ideas and is intentionally written in three very different writing styles. The story is written using a sweet fairytale language that attracts and encourages the reader to be interested in reading the book. The sections that teach the art of mixing colors is written in a comprehensive yet serious and technical language. The sections dealing with loss and spirituality uses sensitive language that touches the depth of the reader’s spirit and takes the imagination to a higher source for support and inspiration. 

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