School Bus
A Musical Ride to School

(Number: MCH0029)
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

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Track Listings

1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
2. Come, Sun, Come
3. Two Kittens
4. Puppy's Lesson
5. Animals in Our Yard
6. Old McDonald Had a Farm
7. Greedy Fish
8. The Duck and the Ball
9. Partridge
10. Mary Had a Little Lamb
11. The Deer Song
12. Troublesome Bear
13. Little Quail
14. The Lake Song
15. Almost There
16. A-B-C
School Bus is the first title launched by Molorak Arts, whose mission is to explore and expose aural and visual arts to Armenian children of all ages. The storyline, songs and booklet of this CD were created as an interactive educational experience for Armenian parents and their young children. The artwork, lyrics and factoids in the booklet complement the songs and are intended to enrich the educational experience. We selected a combination of traditional Armenian and western children's songs, and in the case of "Animals in Our Yard", "The Lake Song" and "Almost There", wrote original Armenian lyrics to traditional western tunes (can you guess which?) to teach Armenian-American children the Armenian language while singing familiar tunes. The album was recorded in Armenia under the direction of Levon Messiayan, who also arranged all the songs. Listeners will no doubt hear the children's Armenian accents as they sing in English, which adds a degree of uniqueness to the album. We hope you enjoy the performance of the children of the RIL & G. choir as much as we did while completing this project. More importantly, we sincerely hope that this album will help you and your children appreciate the wonderful world of animals, nature, school and our millennia-old Armenian language and culture.

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