Sadistic Pleasures
Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan

(Number: BHA0038)
GevorgVirats (Publisher)
141 pages
Size: 5 3/4" x 8"
Language(s): English

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Ashkhen Arakelyan, born in 1ՑՑ5, is an independent journalist. She studies communication and media studies at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Shortly before the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan broke out in September 2020, her childhood friend was captured by Azerbaijani soldiers. In December of the same year, her friend and 44 other POWs who had been held by Azerbaijan returned to Armenia. Ashkhen Arakelyan decided to document their stories: they are stories of brutal torture, pain, and merciless psychological abuse. These stories reveal the mindset of people who have grown up with abysmal hatred of Armenians. The purpose of this book is to raise awareness of the fate of the many Armenian POWs, who are held captive by Azerbaijan to this day.

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