Sacred Wrath
The Selected Poems of Vahan Tekeyan

Սուրբ բարկութիւն եւ ընտիր քերթուածներ

(ISBN: 0-935102-09-4)
Ashod Press (Publisher)
1982 New York
150 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English, Western Armenian

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In the tradition of Armenian poets before him, Vahan Tekeyan wrote directly for and to his people. One of the few major writers to survive the holocaust of the Armenians in Turkey, he became the voice of his people in the diaspora. His main concerns were for them, and his themes were often nationalistic. He was a universal poet nonetheless. His poems address the bereaved, the enamored, and the betrayed of any country, searching for the affirmation, redemption, and rebirth that should follow tragedy. Tekeyan’s published works include: Burdens, 1901; Miraculous Rebirth, 1914; From Midnight Until Dawn, 1919; Love, 1934; Song of Armenia, 1934; Odes, 1944; a complete edition of his work, including prose and translations, 1945-1950.

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