Return & Tiger and Other Short Stories

(ISBN: 0-9628715-9-1)
Blue Crane (Publisher)
1995 Watertown
142 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

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Karapents, one of the most unique of modern Armenian writers, has been active on the literary and journalistic scene for more than forty years. He has contributed extensively to many of the major Armenian and American newspapers, magazines, and periodicals during this period. Hakob Karapents' distinctive style as a prose writer has made him a widely known and sought-after writer in both the Diaspora and Armenia. His prize-winning short stories and novels are contained in the following volumes: Strange Souls, Daughter of Carthage , The Old Sowers of the New World, Intermission, Adam's Book, American Rondo, Incomplete, Two Worlds, and A Man and a Country (all in Armenian). Return & Tiger, Hakob Karapents' first English volume, is a collection of his short stories translated from Armenian by TatuI Sonentz-Papazian."

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