Resurrection with Cane and Shoe
My Feverish Life Across Continents

(ISBN: 911707-81-6)
2008 La Verne
410 pages
Size: 7 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Language(s): English

"Harut Barsamian's story is an authentic revelation of one person's feverish life filled with uneven battles for survival and eventual success. The author was born and grew up in the Middle East who repatriated with his family to Soviet Armenia. Not much as been written about the disenchantment and persecution of tens of thousands of patriotic Armenians from different parts of the world during the 1946-1948 mass repatriation. The book is a rare exposure of their tumultuous experiences in the Soviet land. Educated in electrical engineering and computer sciences, Harut eventually arrives in the United States where he finds a niche in corporate research and later as an academician in the University of California system. The author's brilliant narrative style makes the reading of this book a truly rewarding experience." - Dr. Mihran Agbabian

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