Pre-History of the Armenians, The, Volume 4
The Homonymous Root Words of the Proto-Armenian Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Anatolia

(ISBN: 978-1-908755-05-6)
Bennett & Bloom (Publisher)
2013 London
255 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Language(s): English

Volume 4 continues Gabriel Soultanian’s epic series on the language and origins of the hieroglyphic script of the Proto-Armenians and its inscriptions. Part I is a comprehensive glossary of the homonymous root words that appear in the hieroglyphic texts studied throughout the series. Based on historical fact and phonetic comparison, all these words (except for the odd appearances of Hittite and Aramaean) are shown to be indisputably indigenous and hence not borrowings from the Iranian branch of Indo-European as generally believed. Part II compiles translations of a range of ancient inscriptions in addition to those already translated and published in Volumes II & III of The Pre-History of the Armenians. Concise introductions for both sections place the inscriptions within their historical and linguistic contexts. Part III contains two articles placed as distinct chapters in order to provide general overviews of the pre-history of the Armenian people. The first is a short pre-history, the second details the Anatolian hieroglyphic inscriptions of the Proto-Armenians. One of the conclusions is confirmation that the historical traditions written down by Moses Khorenats’i during the fifth century AD in his History of the Armenians are factually corroborated by the Anatolian inscriptions.

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