Practical Textbook of Western Armenian

Ձեռնարկ Հայերէն լեզուի

2022 Los Angeles
390 pages
Size: 6 3/4" x 9 1/2"
Language(s): English, Western Armenian

Self-Teaching Auto-Didactic Armenian Language Method Why to recommend this textbook ? • Because It applies a self-teaching method. It Is essentially bilingual. Language problems are explained clearly and briefly. In simple American English, perfectly adapted to your requirements by a native American-Armenian translator. Each text is accompanied by Its translation and each exercise by Its answer key. Especially, If you have acquired also the complete cassette-recording, learning Armenian will become an easy and pleasant task. • Because it uses a practical method. No theory to study; no grammar rules to learn by heart; grammar is Just introduced by foot-notes; It only helps to understand the text better. Each chapter introduces only one or two new items, not more than a dozen new words, integrated living patterns, sentences to listen to, to repeat and to understand most naturally, by practical assimilation. • Because, finally, this self-directing Textbook provides you with all you need: a multilevel program of sequential Instruction in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, simple and correct language patterns; It also incorporates an approach to Armenian literature. Please do follow the Indications given in: «How to use this Textbook» Whatever level you might choose, this textbook is the equivalent of a yearly trip into a purely Armenian environment.

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