Patmutiun Antepi Hayots, Vol. III
Armenian History of Aintab, Vol. III

Պատմութիւն Անթէպի հայոց, Գ. Հատոր

(Number: BHP0025)
1994 Los Angeles
1151 pages
Size: 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"
Language(s): Western Armenian

(The majority of the book is written in Armenian. Very few sections are in English) The accomplishments and achievements of individuals and Armenian Aintabtzy Compatriotic Union, encompassing the period 1953 to the present, are documented in Volume III of the ""Armenian History of Aintab."" Volumes I and II were published in 1953. This painstaking and masterfully compiled effort has chapters designated to each of the following subjects: • A historic review of Aintab Armenians and their educational institutions in Aintab and subsequently in Aleppo, Syria. • The heroic defense of the City of Aintab. Observations as well as witness accounts of the French military involved in the campaign. • Documentary memoirs of the Armenian Nation and the Motherland. • History of Nor Aintab City in Armenia and the establishment of the ""Curtain and Drape"" factory, funded by the generous donations of Aintab Compatriotic Unions of the Diaspora. • Humanitarian benevolence of Aintabtzy Armenians and their biographic sketches. • Humorous and meaningful sayings of the Armenian Aintabtzies. • The history of Aintab Compatriotic Union's periodicals. • Activities of Aintab Compatriotic Unions throughout the world. • Dedicated activities and collective efforts of the Armenian Aintabtzy Association of Los Angeles, culminating in the publication of Volume III. • Individual biographies of Aintabtzy Armenians and their descendants throughout the world.

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