Armenian Lullabies for Little Angels

Taline (Composer, Performer)

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(Number: MCH0010)
Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. Yerazner Kouynezkouyn
2. Hisous Manoognere Ge Sire
3. Oror Im Mangig
4. Digini Orore
5. Oror Im Siroonig
6. Koon Yeghir Palas
7. Lullaby
8. Payloon Asdghigner
9. Nanig Ara Anoush Pala
10. Pari Yerazner
A collection of Armenian lullabies recorded for children. Its focus is to provide inspirational and peaceful music that communicates a mother's love for her children. "Koon Yeghir Palas" is a song my mother used to sing to me when I was a little child. It is a song that I sing to my children today. While this album includes several treasures that have been passed on to us by older generations, it also includes several new recordings. We hope that in this album you will find songs that you can play on a regular basis to bring comfort and peace to your little angels.

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