Once Upon A Time

Կար ու չկար

Musaner (Performer) Մուսաներ (Կատարող)

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(Number: MMF0039)
Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. A Ride through the Mountains 5:42 2. All in a Day 6:31 3. One Upon a Time 9:13 4, Jetsetter 5:35 5. Strewn by the Wind 5:16 6. Circle Dance at Midnight 5:02 7. Memory Box 8. Two Way Ticket Across the Black Sea 2:55 9. Overnight Train 2:55 10. Goodnight Datevik 2:54

Musaner's ecovative sound derives from the organic fusion of jazz, musical storytelling and traditional music from Armenia.

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