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One Person Died

Alina Mnatsakanian (Artist, Author)
(ISBN: 978-2-940570-56-0)
Booklet & Art Book
(ISBN: 978-2-940570-56-0)
art&fiction (Publisher)
Book 500, Booklet 30 pages
Size: 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian, French, German

One Person Died is a publication that follows and documents the thematic work of artist Alina Mnatsakanian on the Armenian Genocide. The publication consists of two books. A 500-page artist’s book in which the phrase “one person died” is repeated 1,500,000 times in reference to the victims of the Armenian genocide. It is the recognition of each person killed during this genocide, a necessary repetition that allows us to visualize the immensity of such a crime. The second volume is a booklet containing texts, accompanied by visual documents, about the corpus of works One Person Died and its origins in the work of Alina Mnatsakanian, each in the original language of the authors, with an English translation next to them. The booklet includes texts by Suren Manukyan, Karine Tissot, Alice Henkes, Mario Casanova, Rabela Grigorian Abbamontian, and Alina Mnatsakanian.

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