On the Banks of the Tigris

(ISBN: 978-1-909382-09-1)
2014 London
145 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

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This is a beautiful memoir of a young Armenian who lived through the tumultuous years of World War I and its aftermath. Forced out of his home in his native village of Haftevan (north-western Iran) and growing up in refugee camps in modern day Iraq, Levon Shahoian reflects the positive spirit of youth triumphing in the face of adversity. What were the main elements of his success? Education, hard work, perseverance, making the most of any opportunities, and good humour.

His spirit reflects a generation of Armenians who rose above their own victimhood, by being successful, by making good on their losses, by maintaining their good moral compass, and by building new schools, churches and institutions for the future for their people.

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