Notes to a Crane

Zulal (Performer)
(Number: MFV0064)
Language(s): Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. Yaruhs Khorodig E (My Sweetheart is Cute! So What if He's Short?) 2:29
2. Lachin u Manan (Lachin and her Spinning Wheel) 2:04
3. Maratuk (The Mountain of Maratuk) 1:37
4. Mogats Shugen (At the Market in the Town of Moks) 1:38
5, Es Kisher (This Night) 3:23
6. Empty Hearth 0:58
7. Ruri (Lullaby) 2:33
8. Msho Geghen (The Village of Mush) 3:16
9. Gago Mare, Garke Zis (Arrange My Marriage) 4:30
10. The Forgotten Suitor 0:27
11. Oror (Lullaby) 1:47
12. Kami's Theme 0:44
13. Churi Bes Yegank, Kamuh Bes Antsank (We Came Like Water, We Left Like Wind) 2:25
14. Kele Lao (Come, Let Us Go, My Son) 2:51
15, Jakhrag (The Spinning Wheel) 1:53
16. Katser Im Shugen (I Went to the Market) 1:47
17. Akh Ninar (Ode to a Girl Named Ninar) 1:58
18. Crane's Flight 0:57

“Notes to a Crane” features songs that look back to a simpler time; village markets and lonely shepherds and birds migrating. There’s a bittersweet mood throughout much of the record but the arrangements are lovely and in their own subtle way, quite clever." -John Schaefer, “Soundcheck”, WNYC.

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