Neither to Laugh Nor to Weep
An Odyssey of Faith; A Memoir of the Armenian Genocide

(ISBN: 0-935411-15-1)
1999 Belmont
206 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

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Vartan Hartunian (Translator)

The premeditated, ruthless, official campaign by the Turkish government to exterminate Turkey's Armenian minority — which began In 1895 — ground relentless through 27 years and two million deaths. The memoirs of Abraham Hartunian, a clergyman who endured those years, give one man's account of the process which saw a once proud people reduced to scattered and ragged remnants. No angry wish for revenge, no desire to open old wounds, brought them into print. But today, when the nature of warfare has provoked near-parallels to the official fury unleashed upon the Armenians, the quiet voice of Abraham Hartunian offers a profound warning: when governments forget that they are dealing with human beings, not abstract problems, the results can be horribly inhuman. The urgency, the timeliness, of this warning prompted Beacon Press to publish this terrifying yet poignant memoir in 1968. When the memoir soon went out of print, the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research — through its Armenian Heritage Press — undertook to issue a second edition in 1986, and now this third edition with a foreword by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman. Today, thirty years after the memoir was first published. Its message has lost none of its relevance or Its significance for modem nations. It is hoped that this new edition may contribute to the understanding, and thereby the prevention, of the crime of genocide. New forword by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman Preface by Henry Morgenthau, Sr. Introduction by Marjorie Housepian Dobkin

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