Mother of Light
Armenian Hymns and Chants in Praise of Mary

Isabel Bayrakdarian (Singer, Performer)
(Number: MRS0013)
2016 Sonoma
Language(s): Classical Armenian

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Track Listings

1. Pourvarov Tapor (Censer procession)
2. Zartir Nazeli (Arise, Graceful One)
3. Khngi Dzarin (Frankincense Tree)
4. Mayr Yev Gouys (Immaculate Mother)
5. Hamemad Kez (Incomparable One)
6. Varaneem (Burdened with Sins)
7. Avedis Kez Mariyan (Good Tidings to You, Mary)
8. Aghers ar Diramayr (Plea to Mother of God)
9. Diramayrn (Mother of the Lord)
10. Badjar yev Sgizpn (Cause and Origin)
11. Zandjareli Looso Mayr (Mother of LIght)
12. Sharaganner (Sharagans from Holy Week)
13. Asdvadzadzin Yergnayin (Divine Mother of God)
14. Zgousoutyount Ko (O Pure God Bearer)
15. Aysor Joghovyal (The Saints Are Gathered)
16. Antaram Dzaghig (Eternal Flower)
17. Panin Hor (Word of the Father)
18. Oor es Mayr Im (Where Are You, My Mother?)

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