Getseh Pokreegner
Children's Songs in Armenian

Hoy Lari (Performer, Composer)

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(Number: MCH0039)
Language(s): Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. Pa-Pa Rev-Rev (Parev)
2. Yerevagayenk
3. Hink gabeegner
4. Eenchou?
5. Peeghuh
6. Yeghneeg
7. Gentanapenagan Bardez
8. Dzeedzernag
9. Yum-Yum
10. Teeterneegner
11. Darper Kouyner
12. Getseh
13. Lari Doobi
14. Tsedesoutyoun
Collection of 14 brand new songs you can sing and dance to with your children. The CD includes traditional Armenian songs, silly animal songs, as well as songs that will encourage your child's imagination.

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