Cool Spring For My Thirsty Heart

Ծարաւ Սրտիս Դու Ծով Աղբիւր

(Number: MFV0037)
2003 Paris
Language(s): Eastern Armenian

Track Listings

1. Moon Shed Light, 5:23
2. A Boat Is Sailing, 4:34
3. Roads to Bagran, 4:08
4. My Heart Is Longing For You, 2:40
5. Salath's Apron, 4:32
6. At The Break Of Down, 7:21
7. A Summer Moonshine, 3:32
8. Maro, 2:01
9. A Blond Bride, 1:09
10. Elinon, Telinon, 2:35
11. Heline, 1:58
12. It's Pouring, 1:47
13. A Pair Of Cranes, 5:00
14. Homeless Goulo, 3:14

Annick Shahnazarian incarnates with her voice alone a whole tradition. On the tempo and rhythm field, she stands as a narrator: we are captivated and taken by the song as a story. Musical phrases are flowing like successive waves, renewing themselves to their ending in streams of energy and emotions. While listening to these tunes, we feel overcome with an omnipresent serenity.

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