Aram Khachaturian 100
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

(Number: MLO0013)

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Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, D minor

1. Allegro con Vivace, 14:22
2. Andante Sostenuto, 11:58
3. Allegro Vivace, 9:31

Dance, 4:12

Ayshe's Dance, from "Gayane" Ballet, 3:00

The Violin Concerto of renowned Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian is internationally acclaimed as a masterpiece. Armenian melodies and dance rhythms are utilized impeccably in this high-spirited -work. Just like the legendary beauty of Armenia is reflected in Martiros Sarian's art (see front cover), similarly the colorful beauty of the homeland is sensitively reflected in the concerto. "If it were possible to transform vibrant light into sound with all its beauty, then that is what Khachaturian has done in this concerto", said the New York Post in 1948.

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