Mitchell S. Rothman

Dr. Mitchell S Rothman is an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Widener University, and a Consulting Scholar at the Penn Museum. He has conducted archaeological excavation and survey projects throughout the Middle East. He has written final reports on earlier excavations at Tepe Gawra, Iraq, and Godin Tepe, Iran, and books and articles on the origin of the state in Mesopotamia of the Uruk Period, the Kura-Araxes cultural tradition, and theoretical issues of archaeological interpretation. His early work concentrated on Mesopotamia, but in the last decade and a half he has been involved with understanding the fascinating 4th and 3rd millennium BC Kura-Araxes culture in its South Caucasian homeland and in its extensive migrant diaspora from the Zagros across the Taurus Mountains and down into the Levant.

Role: Author