Memories of Tomarza

(ISBN: 978-1512-053-54-8)
2015 San Bernardino
342 pages
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Language(s): English

Memories of Tomarza is the summary or the totality of huge volumes of noted historians, of choice materials on the history of Tomarza and of the memoirs and biographies of erudite compatriots. This book is being consigned to the present and next generations as a remembrance of our beloved birthplace, nine century's old Tomarza, of our brave ancestors, of its self-sacrificing heroes, its magnificent churches and the numerous deportees of 1915 who became martyrs.

The author, a native of Tomarza and a scion of the well-known Madaghjian family of its Hayek district, has lived in Tomarza. With his innate interest in the events associated with Tomarza, he presents the outcome of his labor with this volume.

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