Main Determinant of Network-Platform-Centric Warfare, The

(Number: BHM0050)
2021 Glendale
167 pages
Size: 7" x 10"
Language(s): English

This book is a significant contribution to the body of Armenian scholarly literature on military art and science. The special feature of the book is its publication in English which makes it accessible to a wider audience around the world. Having been specifically focused throughout his defense- and military-related research on the role of air force and new technologies, with this new publication the author presents the reader with holistic account of the development of military aviation. Particularly, he acquaints us with first systemized doctrines propagated by Douhet and Mitchell, then goes on propounding air power’s employment, from its broad-based use during the Korean and Vietnam wars through scaled application in the course of other Cold War local conflicts through pinpoint utilization during 1990s all the way to the armed conflicts of today.

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