Long Shadow, The

(ISBN: 978-0-9931339-5-4)
Yerani (Publisher)
425 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

Sequel to In the Shadow of the Sultan and The Darker Shadow

The Long Shadow is the final volume of the Shadow trilogy. The story follows twins Bedros and Dzovinar into adulthood as they travel across the landscapes of the final years of the Ottoman Empire. Their journey takes them from the shores of the Black Sea to Cilicia, Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus. Set in the years from 1915 to 1922, the story describes the years of the Armenian Genocide and the final heroic Battle of Aintab.

The fate of a nation, tragedy, and hope are all bestowed upon young Armenian twins as they set forth on an epic journey towards their new home. The dramatic transition of life, from childhood to maturity, in Rubina Sevadjian’s engaging story, The Long Shadow, will not leave the reader untouched. Brilliant. RUBEN GINEY, film Director.
Based on some of the countless stories of the Armenian Genocide, we see how the “remnants of the sword” scraped by after their ousting from their ancestral lands by the Turks. Of particular interest are the well-researched segments pertaining to the refugees' stay in Cyprus, as well as the story of a disillusioned (fictional) volunteer of the Legion d’Orient. - ALEXANDER-MICHAEL HADJILYRA, researcher-scholar and unofficial historian of the Armenian-Cypriot community.

In the same way one's life flashes before one’s eyes before death, The Long Shadow unpeels the layers of culture, history and daily life for Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire at the end of its era. Accessible to all ages, this wonderful tale is almost an untelling of the Armenian race. On their journey west to safety, following the forced exile of Armenians from decimated cities, Bedros and Dzovig take the reader through not just the horrors that unfold during the genocide, but the history, architecture, cuisine and daily rituals for each region they pass. It is a rich, heartbreaking cultural trip through an Armenia that is rapidly being erased. - VICTORIA HARWOOD BUTLER-SLOSS, author of The Seamstress of Ourfa.

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