Little Armenia

Bei Ru (Composer, Producer)

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(Number: MME0018)

Track Listings

1. Little Armenia Intro
2. The Maiden
3. Sonia
4. Ays Kisher (On This Night)
5. Sev Acher (Black Eyes)
6. Midnight In Yerevan
7. Gayane
8. Zepyur
9. Ararat Dub
10. Kinovi Yerk (Drinker's Lament)
11. Kez Hamar (For You)
12. Im Papak (My Wish)
13. Tu Yeger (You Came)
14. Little Armenia (L.A.)
15. Hishe Ayn Ore (Remember That Day?)
16. Musa-Ler Music
17. Yeraz (Dream)
18. Ourakhoutioun (Happiness)
19. The Rebirth Pt. 1 & 2
20. Khoung
Sampling is archeology. Digging through crates for obscure old records and drafting the sounds of times past into contemporary music is as much about preserving the past as digging for bones is. Few musicians take that pursuit as literally as L.A. native DJ/Producer Bei Ru. He has traveled across the Middle East on a mission to hunt down rare, obscure, and out-of-print Armenian records, which he uses to create a never-before-heard blend of vintage Armenian melodies mixed with touches of hip hop, funk, & soul. He breathes new life into these songs on Little Armenia (L.A.), an intoxicating voyage through rhythm and melody that serves not only as a dedication to the under-appreciated Armenian musicians of yesteryear and a homage to the Little Armenia section neighborhood of Los Angeles, but also as a musical map of the Armenian diaspora.

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