Let's Have Fun! In Armenian

Taline (Composer, Performer)
(Number: VCH0033)
Language(s): Western Armenian
Color / 40 min.

Additional Artists

Alex Bessos (Director)

We are very excited to present Taline's first new DVD in 5 years! This is Taline's biggest production to date and features a cast of very talented children between the ages of 4 and 12 and a cast of teenage dancers as well! It is a highly interactive program that children of all ages will enjoy. Children will: - Sing & Dance with Taline & Friends - Learn Armenian dance steps with Cynthia, Tamar and the Armenian dance group - Taline's little friends will introduce their favorite activities; playing the piano & violin, ballet, Armenian Dance, Visual Arts and playing sports. - Visit the park and play hide and seek with Dzaghradzoo the Clown. - Exercise with Taline & the dance group. Many of the actors in Taline's previous DVDs are now in their early teens. They are the stars of "Let's Have Fun in Armenian" making this particular production one that even older children will greatly enjoy!

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