Let's Sing and Dance!

Taline (Composer, Performer)
(Number: VCH0006)
Language(s): Western Armenian
Color / 39 min

Additional Artists

Alex Bessos (Director)

Taline's debut DVD production is a one of a kind Armenian children's video program for children ages 1-8. The program runs 39 minutes and includes stories, music, characters and dancing. Children will love listening to the songs and singing along as they participate with hand movements and dance steps. The DVD includes 12 songs. Written by Takouhey Saatjain (MS ECE) and Taline (BS ECE). The songs include Hink Pokrig Patigner, Te Ourakh enk Menk, Nabasdag, Andarin Mech, Tsegnig, Gats!, Tashginag, Bzdig Kouyr, Ay Im Kentag, Shokegarke, Ourakh Or and Dzenkele Menkele.

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