Joyous Light

Isabel Bayrakdarian (Singer, Performer)

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(Number: MRS0012)
CBC Records (Producer)
2002 Toronto
Language(s): Classical Armenian

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Track Listings

1. Oor Ess Mayr Eem (Where are You, O Mother) 3:14
2. Khorhoort Khoreen (You are a Profound Mystery) 3:46
3. Soorp Asdvadz (Trisagion) 2:09
4. Donemk (We Celebrate) 3:33
5. Underyalet Hasdoodzo (Chosen of God) 2:30
6. Looys Zuvart (Joyous Light) 3:45
7. Seerd Eem Sasanee (My Heart Trembles) 2:31
8. Der Voghormya (Lord Have Mercy) 3:12
9. Horjam (Entrance to the Tabernacle) 4:24
10. Havoon, Havoon (The Fowl) 5:02
11. Deeramayren (The Mother of the Lord) 3:04
12. Patz Mez Der (Open for Us, Lord) 2:47
13. Oorakh Ler (Be Delighted, O Holy Church) 1:56
14. Oorakh Ler (Rejoice, O Holy Church) 3:13
15. Miayn Soorp (You are the Only Holy One) 1:56
16. Amen, Hayr Soorp (Doxology) 5:31
17. Ov Berdeezban (O Gardener) 3:19
18. Deroonagan Aghotk (The Lord's Prayer) 2:07

Since winning the Metropolitan Opera Audition in 1997, Armenian-Canadian soprano ISABEL BAYRAKDARIAN has gone from triumph to triumph in North America and Europe.

In this CBC Records release, her premiere CD, Ms. Bayrakdarian turns to the music of Armenia, as the year 2001 marks that country’s 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity as a state religion. The liturgical musical canvas that is created is one that speaks to the soul, one that is both spiritual and emotional and finally one that signals the triumph of that eternal love and hope that is so central to Christian belief.

What better partnership for Ms. Bayrakdarian in creating this musical tribute than that with conductor RAFFI ARMENIAN. The highly acclaimed Maestro continues a long and distinguished conducting career in Canada and abroad, and given his background, brings incredible insight and emotional strength to the music recorded here. The music itself is simple and haunting, and speaks directly to the listener in very intimate terms. The imaginative arrangements are scored by Peter Shoujounian, calling for a small chamber ensemble and male choir. The men from the ELMER ISELER SINGERS add a wonderful choral texture interweaving with the undulating, pure melodic line of Ms. Bayrakdarian. The texts are drawn from the liturgy of the Armenian service, and by turn are contemplative, expressive, allegorical, mysterious and above all, nourishing for mind, spirit and body.

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